Ypenburg, integral cooperation of architects, urbanist, landscape architect and a biologist to design a biotope of water and banks, completed in 2004

Instrument development and research

Novum at develops working methods and tools that better predict the real energy use of households after renovation. Purpose: better information of residents, well-founded business cases and limiting the risk of obtaining funding.

Process advice

Novum at advises housing associations, municipalities, associations of owners, construction companies and ESCOs, regarding approaches and steps needed to make residential areas energy-neutral. It is in this context essential to use residents profiles, to predict as accurately as possible the actual expected energy use after renovation.

Project advice

For housing projects, Novum at compares energy systems with each other more precise. The starting point is the existing and new energy index and the system efficiency of installations. Residents give their historical energy use, after which per residents profile the future energy costs are predicted.