Examples of energy neutral knowledge development

Toolkit Sustainable Housing
Chief editor, co-author Pieter Hameetman, published in 2006. The Toolkit Sustainable Housing offers project developers, housing associations, architects and municipalities a practical guide to meet current requirements for CO2 reduction, health and (indoor) climate of homes and communication with residents of sustainable buildings. Still a standard work in the Netherlands.

GEN Method competitive offer 
Publication regarding a set of eight documents, which can be used in energy-neutral area development. The most important document is about residents and user profiles (Tool 6: Residents and Usage Profile & Energy Bundles), published in 2013 (GEN stands for Areas Energy Neutral)

Energy Neutral Area Development
Published May 2013 by NEPROM, (the Netherlands Association of Property Developers and Investors)

Pilot project energy supply Tilburg - Breda 
Study for the energy supply Tilburg – Breda. Author Evert Vrins, Co-author Pieter Hameetman, presented to the municipalities of Breda and Tilburg. Study how four residential complexes can be made energy-neutral using residents profiles

The total energy use in buildings 
Gepubliceerd door GEN, 2012,