Almere, the first houses build on possive house level and connected to district heating, completed in 2010


To establish the GEN cooperative


Service: Instrument development and research (as an employee of Royal BAM Group)
Client:   The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK)
Branch:    Government and business in general

In March 2011, the Ministry of BZK grants subsidies for the GEN cooperative. Fourteen major Dutch companies are going to develop the knowledge how existing and new areas can be made energy-neutral. During the final congress, the end of 2013, the results were shown and explained ( 


Development Financial Engineering Method for renovation of homes


Service: Instrument development and research
Client: The Ministry of BZK, Province of Limburg, Stadsregio Parkstad Limburg, and the social housing associations Wonen Zuid, Wonen Limburg, HEEMwonen, Weller and Woonpunt
Branch:  Government and social housing associations

The method includes a big data base driven primary energy and energy saving cost forecasting toolkit. By using the Financial Engineering Method (FEM) energy saving predictions are far more accurate based on the combination of real energy use (big data) and individual energy profiles (micro data). This is essential in financial schemes for investors and property owners for decisions on energy renovation related investments. This method has already been tested and has a great potential to be further deployed and used widely for corporations and in renovation of private dwellings. The groundwork using big data is developed by Eric Willems of Huygen Ingenieurs & Adviseurs. 

Project monitoring Excellence Areas (Excellente Gebieden)


Service: Process analysis
Client: Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)
Branch: Government and social housing associations

Collegiate worked with Therese van Gijn. In the Dutch Spring Agreement was decided that municipalities could realize new construction projects in an 'Excellent Area', in which front-runners can gain experience with highly energy efficient new construction with sharper EPC requirements. The monitoring of Excellence Areas demonstrates the challenges and bottlenecks which  arise when building according to a stricter EPC standard and how was dealt with it in practice. In 2015 was organized: Symposium High-performance in energy efficient construction.

Pilotproject energievoorziening Tilburg - Breda 


Service: Instrument development and research 
Client: Municipalities of Tilburg and Breda 
Branch: Government, social housing associations and associations of owners

Author Evert Vrins, co-author Pieter Hameetman. Task: Study how four residential complexes, whether or not using district heating, can be made (almost) energy-neutral, and show energy costs using residents profiles. Per project, the existing situation is compared to five different installation concepts, level label A or NOM (Zero On the Meter)

Energy Council Breda 


Service: Process advice
Client: Municipality of Breda
Branch: Government, general climate policy

Approx. five years participated in the Energy Council Breda. In addition to general advice, we also worked on a testing framework for the Climate Change Program (UpK), aiming at a CO2 neutral city in 2044.

Drafting ambition document Molenveld-Zuid, municipality of Beesel


Service: Process advice 
Client: HetEnergieBureau / Municipality of Beesel 
Branch: Government, advice for energy neutral  construction of new houses

"Sustainable and energy-neutral" is the ambition of the municipality of Beesel, which, together with its development partners, social housing association Woongoed 2 Duizend (WG2D) en Limburg Herstructureert Bedrijventerreinen (LHB) wants to develop the released Molenveld-Zuid location. The report has been prepared by HetEenergieBureau, with the input of GEN knowledge of Hameetman. Molenveld-Zuid's development comprises more than 150 homes and 12 work-living units. 

Chairman of jury de Groene Speld, Amsterdam


Service: Project advice
Client: Municipality of Amsterdam
Branch: Government, general climate policy

The municipality of Amsterdam has the ambition to make all new buildings climate neutral from 2015 onwards. To stimulate this development, the Green Pin is awarded each year. In 2011, Hameetman is a member of this jury. In 2012 the jury consists of: Pieter Hameetman (Chairman), Marjan Minnesma (Urgenda) and Pauline Westendorp (We Get Chickens).

Various energy advice for competitions for energy-neutral building projects


Service: Project advice
Clients: BAM and Amare
Branch: New construction and renovation

Four project offers have been drafted for the offering party. In addition to advising on the standard Zero On the Meter requirements for energy-neutral building, advice is given on how the technique can be chosen to create the lowest possible living expenses for the residents.