Parkstad Limburg, a Financial Engineering Method is developed for the energy transition of Parkstad Limburg


Recent experience
Pieter Hameetman works for 43 years at Royal BAM Group. His functions are project developer, area developer, until mid-2012 director of sustainability at project developer AM and until the end of 2013 he is in the position of director at BAM Group.

In 2007, Mr Jan Terlouw, former Minister of Economic Affairs, asked Hameetman to lead a group in PeGO (Platform Energy Transition Environment), which prepared a plan for the Netherlands for the energy transition in the built environment. This plan is approved, after which the Dutch government makes available € 64 million for implementation.

At the request of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Hameetman, together with the board of directors of BAM, takes the initiative to establish GEN. GEN stands for Areas Energy Neutral. A group of 14 major and important Dutch companies aims to work interdisciplinary on knowledge for energy-neutral area development. 

Hameetman has, as project leader Micro of GEN, participated in the development of the knowledge for the development of an energy-neutral area for the new construction of 4,500 homes in Katwijk and for the energy neutral retrofitting of an area with 2,500 existing properties in Apeldoorn. It has been extensively investigated, how the cash flows of the additional investments needed to make the area energy neutral and the cash flows of the increased energy cost savings of all households, are related. In this knowledge development a start has been made with thinking in residents profiles. This work was completed in 2013. In that same year, Novum at is founded.
Over the past three years, Novum at's most important work has been to develop the Financial Engineering Method for the renovation of Homes. The method has now been developed so far that Hameetman is training employees of corporations and engineering firms in their use. Novum at aims to form a community of parties wishing to collaborate on improved usability and reliability of the method. Ultimately, the method is so reliable that financiers demand their use to reduce the risk of money lending for energy saving projects.


International experience

  • Beijing lecture for 80 university professors, 2006, mainly about the passive housing principle. Title: Best practice in Building Sector, standard and codes
  • Presentation at the Green Building Festival Toronto 2007, on the energy transition in the Netherlands
  • Hameetman acted on behalf of BAM as commissioner of architect professor Rafael Moneo from Madrid to design a residential complex in The Hague (Rabbijn Maarsenplein). Moneo was currently head of the architecture department of Harvard University and winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize
  • Hameetman acted on behalf of BAM as commissioner of architect professor Peter Wilson from Münster Germany to design a residential complex in Rotterdam
  • As a project developer, Hameetman participated in IEA task 13, Solar Low Energy Houses, to realize the first passive housing housing project in the Netherlands, delivered in 1993